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September 9, 2002 - Visit to Guadaloupe and an organ concert in Trujillo

We started off in the morning at 9 for the trip to Guadaloupe. Again our guide was Pamela and she was very good. Figure 031 shows some of the typical terrain as viewed from the bus. Before going into town we went past to an old hermitage (033) and stopped there to see it and to get a view of the countryside (032 and 035). There were horses grazing behind the hermitage. Then we also got an opportunity to view Guadaloupe as we drove down to it (036).
Guadaloupe is the site of an apparition that supposedly happened in 1300. The monastery was started in the 14th C. but continued to be expanded and improved over many centuries. It was abandoned in 1835 but then taken over by Franciscans in 1908. the day we arrived was a special holiday and the church and its square were thronged. Figs. 037 - 040 show some views of the exterior, which is fascinating.
Guadaloupe was a center of ecclesiastical embroidering and we first saw the Embroidery Museum with amazing examples of the art (041 and 042). We also saw a display of large hymnals that were beautifully decorated and a picture gallery with some small Zurburans. Then we went up to the choir loft where we observed the mass in progress below with a full house attending. After that we went up to visit the sacristy which has 11 paintings by Zurburan, showing the life of the Hieronymite monks and the life of St. Jerome (043 - 045).
We went to the local parador for lunch, first gathering in the courtyard
(046 - 048) where they were setting up for lunch. However we ate a good lunch inside and below (salad, veal stew, liquid flan) and then went back to the church to see the statue of the black virgin. Figures 049 - 056 show scenes in the cloister of the monastery, near the main portal, the crowd in front of the church with a band concert (very Spanish) and the walk way back to the bus. Then we went back to Trujillo, arriving at 5:30.
At 7 FDB went to a special organ concert that was organized for us by the organist of the church
of San Martin, which was built in the 13th C. and reconstructed in the 15th. The organ was recently restored but has a limited keyboard of 44 keys, so the music that can be played there is also limited. The concert was interesting and enjoyable but the organist was not very good.

Finally we went back for dinner at the hotel (salad, fish, liquid chocolate pudding). A full day.

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