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September 10 - Visit to Caceres and a free afternoon and evening
Off at 9 on bus to Caceres where we met Pamela in the Plaza Mayor and she took us on a walking tour of the city. She stopped and discussed many details of the architecture (061, 062, 064) and we stopped in briefly at a small museum (063, 0 65) in the Palacio Mayoralgo with some exhibits about the Extramadura. Fig 064 shows the statue of San Pedro on the corner of that palace, looking toward the fine doorway of the Palacio Episcopal. Nearby is the Church of Santa Maria (066 - 068). We walked on through town (069 - 072) seeing the various palaces and the House of Storks, the only one to be allowed to keep its full tower after they were forbidden by the monarchy to reduce local fighting. (071 and 072 are postcards.)

Then we went to the Museum of Provincial Archeology and Ethnography which had a fine and varied collection. Fig 073 is a view of the city from its balcony and 074 - 078 show some of the exhibits. This was quite good and included an old Arab cistern, a smaller version of the one in Istanbul. We passed up the chance to see the local art museum which was reputed to have some fine paintings and went on to the local parador where we first gathered in the cloister and then had lunch. It was very good. (gazpacho, roast pork with carrot soufflé, cheesecake) After that we went back, uphill, to the bus and returned for a free afternoon in Trujillo. We went off to buy a nostrum at the local pharmacy. As we walked up to the Plaza Mayor we found all pharmacies closed and there at the info office we were told it was still a holiday since Sunday. They told us where one was open on the other side of town and we walked there, seeing the sights, and buying a stork pin. Then a rest and then met the McCllellands in the cloister of the hotel (082) for a glass of wine. Then off with them for a meal of wine and tapas in the Plaza Mayor. Back to bed by 10.


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