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September 13 - Visit to Evora and to Lucia's farm

Off at 9 to the old city of Evora where we are met again by Lucia van de Velde for a tour of the town. We stop on the way for a photo op with some cork trees. In Evora we look at some reconstructed buildings in the Public garden and a statue of henry the navigator (141 - 143) and then walk on to the Church of Sao Francisco (145 - 149) and the adjoining Capela dos Ossos (151 - 153), made of the bones of 5000 monks. Then on to the Praca do Giraldo (154 & 165a). From there we set up the shopping street to the Cathedral, or Se (155 - 158), and nearby the Roman Temple (159).

After a brief shopping tour (160) we had lunch at a restaurant on a side street called Mr. Snob where we were served tomato soup before a good buffet. BMB did some more shopping and FDB went to the internet after which we met at the Museum near the Se to look at Flemish paintings, among other things. After that we all met at the Praca do Giraldo for iced tea and back to the bus.

We were invited out to the van de Velde's farm (161 - 165). George v. d. V was a Dutchman who wanted to be a farmer and who came to Portugal to do it. After some years growing wheat they had to give that up and bought a second farm devoted to grapes. They sell the grapes to winemakers. George gave us a talk and they showed us around the farm, including a set of cottages they rent out to tourists under the name Monte de Serralheira (164). We went into a large room where we were served snacks (bread, cheese, sausage, grapes) and wine. Then we stopped at the fields where the grape harvesting equipment was working. George has bought several machines and is letting them out to other farmers during the harvesting season.

After that we went back to the Pousada for a very good meal of tapas, clam soup, roast lamb Alentejo, potatoes, spinach, and apple pie.

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