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September 21 - Visiting Santiago de Compostela

It was Saturday and msnyof the EHers went to the Pilgrim's mass att the Cathedral so they could seee the great censer in use. We decided instead to go to the museum in the cloister of the Cathedral. This is very impressive and we spent the whole morning there (364 - 368). We also had access to the outdoor walkway on the upper level which gave us good views of the square and surroundings (369 - 374). Then we walked the shopping district, bought earrings (2) and a necklace, went to an internet site, and then back to the hotel for a very good lunch of tapas and beer. We walked around a while after lunch, passed a political demonstration behind the hotel, bought some pastries and then went back to the room to pack.

At 4:30 we took a bus to visit a small church, the Colegiata de Santa Maria del Sar (377 - 379) but could not spend much time there because a wedding was about to start It's a 12th C church with 18th C buttresses added to stop the outward slant of the walls. Not really clear why we went there. After that we went on to the Musem of the Galician People (380 - 385). It was quite interesting and had a triple spiral staircase that was quite different. Not eveery stair led to every floor. There wer good exhibits on costume, music, local architecture, and boats.

After that we went back to the hotel for our final dinner. Fig 386 is a susnset caught just before dinner and 387 is the restaurant we ate in at our first lunch. The farewell dinner was in a room nearby and did not have too much ceremony. The dinner was good, however, snacks, salad, steak with potatoes and mushrooms, Sherbet in chocolate tart shells, and a very fiery drink that resembled glogg.

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