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September 22 - Transit to Amsterdam

We had our bags out a 6 and were on the bus to the airport at 7 with breakfast in a bag. Our flights from Santiago to Madrid on Iberia and from Madrid to Amsterdam by Northwest/KLM went well and were on time. We took a taxi to our hotel, the Piet Hein next to the Vondelpark. The hotel was newly modernized in the public rooms but the room was small and very dimly lit. quite a comedown from our quarters in Iberia! (394 - 396) After settling in we were off for a walk through the Vondelpark to the Leidesplein. It was Sunday and very crowded and we had to take shelter for a while in a rain squall. Then we walked around the neighborhood for a while and went back to our room. Then we went to the lobby and had beer and wine with some nuts and chips. The desk clerk suggested a restaurant called Brasserie Bark just past the Concertgebouw and we walked there. Dinner was excellent, salmon terrine, grilled salmon (B), tagliatelle with pesto (F), salad and coffee. Back to the hotel where we found the TV much better than Spain for English speakers.

September 23 - Amsterdam and the Rijksmuseum

We didn't get the early start we had planned on. After breakfast at the hotel we went to the Leidesplein area again and took a 75 minute boat ride on the canals Very pleasant and not crowded (397 - 405). We did the canals and also out on the waterfront. A good introduction to the city.

After that we walked over to the Rijksmuseum (406 - 410) and began looking at the pictures. After a while it was lunch time and we went to the cafeteria where we had excellent smoked salmon broodjes. Then back for more pictures and for decorative arts. Figs 411 and 412 show two of the best things we saw, but click here for more, both postcards and slightly fuzzy pictures by FDB. Throughout the trip we had been buying postcards. BMB would often write and address them but we saved them to bring home and scan before mailing.

Then back to room for a rest. FDB getting the turista so we renounce plan for rijstafel and go to La Tosca, a little Italian place oon the parallel street. BMB had tomato soup and tagliatelle with pesto and FDB had tortellini. Back to bed.

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