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September 24 - Visit to the Floriade and walk in Amsterdam

We picked this day to visit the Floriade, a floral fair which is held ten years in Holland. We were picked up by a bus at the corner near our hotel and taken to the tourist bus dispatching point near the RR station. A tall blond girl was dispatching tourists in various language groups to different tour buses. At last it was our turn and we bussed out to the Floriade near the airport. We had chosen the 4-1/2 hour tour, which gave us about 2-1/2 hours at the show. There were three parts and we did the Meer, the lake area, since that is the part most floral. General gardens and also some for different countries just like a worlds fair. These had shops and buildings relating to their cultures.

Flowers everywhere in every size and color. (Two pictures here but more if you click here.) Beds of begonias, a bee house, some hostas, ice tulips, zinnias, ageratum, sweet alyssum, a small pine grove, grasses, impatiens, bridges, curved paths meandering, flowers on small barges, Russian container (vases), French roses, flowers on a pole, suggestions for grave gardening. The Haarlem building was the best - a modern building with water walls and ceiling. We ate at a cafeteria - good tomato soup by a sunny window wall. A little shopping and on to the bus.

We walked to the hotel from the drop-off point near the RR station. Meandering along looking at canals, barges, buildings and gables. Had a good time and went back to room for a rest. Weather was perfect all day. Bright sun, cloudless sky. FDB still with turista, now shivery. Go out to try restaurant pushed by Frommer but it didn't look good and noisy. Found a Greek place called Zabars near the Concertgebouw again and it was quite good. BMB had bruschetta and Moroccan lamb and FDB spaghetti with sauteed vegetables. They put the wine bottle on the table and said to take what we wanted.


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