Thursday and Friday, May 14 and 15 - Travel to Bordeaux

We left on Thursday, May 14, on an Air France flight at 7 PM. Angie and Sofia took us to the airport. Left two hours late because flight delayed incoming. The usual uncomfortable and uneventful flight. A rush at CDG in Paris to our connecting flight but we made it and had another uneventful flight to Bordeaux, getting in about 11:30 AM

Met our Group Leader, Irene Yamada and other hostelers and had a bus to the hotel. The bus parked on a main thoroughfare, the Allee de Toumy because the entrance to our hotel, the Best Western Hotel Etche Ona, is on a narrow street nearby. Women from the hotel came to trundle our bags there. The room was quite comfortable and the hotel fine. We had lunch at Le Bistro Roman with the others and then took a nap. Had a meeting at 5 and then walked to the Place Parlement for dinner outside, under a canopy, at L'Ombriere. Then to bed.

Throughout these pages I will not comment very often on specific meals eaten. In the course of the trip we must have eaten over 30 three course meals and I didn't keep track. In general the food was very good, ranging from good but uninspired to excellent. The French reputation held up well. Similarly the hotels were generally fine and several times outstanding.

Finally, I won't comment on the weather, which ranged from cloudy and cool to sunny and sometimes warm. We never had to open our umbrellas, so I think we can call it excellent.

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