Thursday, October 25 - Berlin

Last day in Berlin. Met an interesting American at breakfast who has lived in a small town near Torino for the last 20 years. He bemoaned much business travel with little opportunity for tourism.

We took the 100 bus to the Reichstag but found there was a 45 minute line to get in. Decided that was too much and so turned it into a photo-op. Books advised getting there a half hour before opening, but that was 8 o'clock.

We found there the memorial to the 97 communist and social democrat delegates to the Bundestag who were accused by Hitler of starting the Reichstag fire in 1993. Their imprisonment in concentration camps gave him control of the government, enabling him to form a dictatorship.

Then we went back on the bus and transferred to the U-Bahn for a trip to Checkpoint Charlie. Another photo op as the museums there were jammed. Thursday is the beginning of the tourist weekend, evidently.

Then back on the U-Bahn to the Deutsche Technisches Museum where we had lunch in the attached bistro. Good warmed baguettes with ham and cheese.

We spent some time at the Museum but it wasn't very interesting. Not at all as imaginative as the museum in Munich we saw years age. We didn't stay. Not the greatest day but this is not uncommon when on ones own. Makes you grateful for Elderhostel.

We were back in the hotel early but time passed quickly with the aid of naps and the computer. Then we went out to dinner at Gasthaus Krombach where we had eaten our first night in Berlin. Very good dinner and priced reasonably. I had a huge piece of poached salmon and Barbara had pork medallions. There was another American party at a nearby table who we talked to. Early to bed.

Friday, October 26 - Travel

The next day we headed for home. A leisurely time since our plane didn't leave till 3 pm, but we took it easy and went to the airport early to see if we could get better seats for our flight home from Frankfurt. We did and all went well. We were home by 8 PM and were picked up at the airport by Elizabeth. We were glad to see her and glad to be home.

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