Sunday, September 11 - Agrigento

One of the features of the museum is the Telamon, the huge (25 ft high) figures that helped support the roof of the Temple of Zeus. There is a reconstruction of one out near the temple, but the one in the Museum was put together form fragments found on site. A frieze shows how the were placed between pillars. The temple is the largest (175x360 ft) Doric temple known but I was unsuccessful, later, in getting a picture of its site, since the temple itself is in ruins.

After the museum the bus took us into modern Agrigento to a very elegant hotel, the Colle Verde (Green Hill) where we had lunch in a beautiful setting outdoors.

Then we went to see the Valle dei Tempii. It was a long walk in the hot sun but it was worth it. The first temple was that of Hera. One wall of pillars is well preserved but covered with scaffolding, presumably to become even better preserved.

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Telamon from Temple of Zeus
Frieze showing Telamons
Head of Kouros
Restaurant at Hotel Colle Verde
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Hotel Colle Verde Garden
Beginning the Valle dei Tempii
View of Countryside
Temple of Hera
View up to City