Sept. 12 Siricusa

We traveled overnight and came into the harbor at Syracuse during breakfast. The old city is Ortygia and is an island connected to the mainland only by two bridges. We docked near the bridges and near the yacht basin and were soon off with a guide on a bus for the Neapolis (new city) Archeological Area. As we approached it we could see the cave-like grottos of the Latomie, or stone quarries. These were the source of all the stone buildings and fortifications and much of it was originally below ground but has been exposed by earthquake action. As we walked toward the Latomie we passed the remains of the ancient sacrificial altar. It had been 75 ft by 649 ft and as many as 450 bulls had been sacrificed there in a single day.
T hen we progressed on to the Latomie, fortunately in a little shad for a while ass we had another hot and sunny day in the morning.

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Syracusa on the Starboard Bow
Approaching Syracuse - Ortygia
Castello Maniace
Syracuse Yacht Basin
Ortygia (postcard)
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View of the Latomie
View of the Latomie
Remains of Altar of Hieron II
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