Friday, Sept. 16 - Palermo

We had a busy night with considerable rolling and pitching of the boat, despite the fact that the Captain had chosen a course and speed to minimize the problem. So we arrived a little late at Palermo, about 1:30 PM. We had a quiet morning with lunch on board. As we approached the harbor we passed Monte Pellegrino, with Mondello on its right and Palermo on the left. I took a picture of Castello Utvegio just to exercise my telephoto lens. It is now a hotel and is on Mount Pellegrino, overlooking the harbor.

The dock area is huge with one large cruise ship tied up there. We would see more the next day. We were met by a bus and had a new guide, Laura Lanza, who was excellent. (We were told that she had been the guide for Queen Elizabeth when she visited.) We began with a bus tour of part of the city, seeing the Opera house, the Teatro Massimo, and the Teatro Politeama. The latter, built in the 19th C, is the only one I managed to photograph. The Quattro Canti (four corners) is the center intersection of the city and divides it tinto four quadrants. It dates from the 1600s.

Then we went to the Duomo. It stands on the site of an early christian basilica that later became a mosque. It was built by the normans i n the 12th C. but has been rebuilt, enlarged and altered so many times tha tlittle of the original remains. Still the square and facade are very impressive. the portico is in Cataslan gothic style. The arched crenellation motif running across the front is Norman but the cupola is Baroque.

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