Friday, Sept. 16 - Palermo

The most interesting part of the interior is in the south aisle where there are six tombs of the early kings. We had a lecture on the history of the Normans, which was comparatively short, since they ran out of heirs eventually. Roger II was the first Norman king of Italy and was crowned in the cathedral in 1130. His daughter Constance married Henry VI, Emperor of Germany and son of Frederick Barbaraossa. Their son was Frederick II (died in 1250), Emperor of Germany and King of Sicily, who married Canstance of Aragon. That's how the Aragon line got into Sicily.

After that we went on to the Norman Palace. This has always been the Palace of the kings and is on a high point of the city. It was built by the Arabs, enlarged by the Normans, and later restored by the Spaniards. It is now the seat of the Sicilian Parliament. We entered from the rear and through the Great courtyard. Going up a flight of steps and past modern mosaics, we entered into the Palatine Chapel which is entirely enclosed by the palace.

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