Saturday, September 17 - Mondello and Monreale

We awoke this morning to find a monstrous cruise ship moored nearby. We watched some seamen doing something big and clean and its passengers debarking for hours. Then, with some final pictures of the crew and staff, We were off for Mondello. We were given a free morning there after a short walk around led by Giuseppe. Not really a good idea, since there is not enough to do there.

We took the opportunity to go to the B&B we were going to use starting the next day. Found it on the same street as our hotel on our previous visit in 1993 (that one now closed) and it turned out to be a small compound of rooms around a courtyard enclosed by a fence. the manager is not in residence but lives up the street, so until we got our key late Sunday it took a little doing to find him. We got someone to call him and he met with us so we could find out about leaving our bags there early on Sunday. His English was not great but we managed and all seemed well.

Eventually we got together at the Hotel La Torre, a luxury place on the waterfront at the extreme western end of Mondello. This is where the standard Sicily Elderhostel would be held starting Sunday and where we were scheduled for a very good Sicilian buffet lunch. the setting was beautiful, on an open air veranda overlooking a garden and the sea, with Mount Pellegrino in the background. the food was excellent and the desserts brought out the worst in the whole group.

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