Sunday, September 18 - Segesta

In the morning we found that almost all the Elderhostelers had left before we woke. We had breakfast alone in the hotel and then packed to leave. I walked down the via Monte Pellegrino to the dock area and there picked up our rental car (Ford Fiesta) from the Autoeurope office. Then I drove back to the hotel and picked up Barbara and our luggage. Then drove northwest past the park at M. Pellegrino to Mondello where we left our luggage at our B&B "Casa Vacanze al Baglio." It took a few minutes to get someone to call the manager but we finally got him. Unfortunately I couldn't get a key at that point. Then we drove on to the municipal parking lot and put the car there, walked back to the square and had a paninna lunch.

After lunch we drove west to see the Greek temple at Segesta. We drove past the airport and after a while drove south into the interior. The Sicilian scenery is spectacular and beautiful. Lots of agriculture and especially grapes. Although it was Sunday there was grape picking in progress. We finally got to Segesta and got ourselves thoroughly confused. Although a major tourist attraction there were no signs and no English. At any rate we found ourselves walking up the long, long road to the Greek theater. It was steep and hot, without shade, and we relaized we had no desire rto see yete another Greek theater. Moreover the temple was getting further and further away. So we turned back and went to the temple. The walk to that was steep too, but not long.

The temple is one of the best preseved Doric temples anywhere. It is a wonderful sight, sitting in isolation in the countryside. It was built in the 5th C BCE for a city that was in constant conflict with Selinunte and was regularly attacked and razed. Nothing significant of the city remains other than the temple and theater. Some suspect that the temple was never finished, explaing the lack of interior features. There is a ravine behind the Temple into which 8000 of the inhabitants were thrown after the city was conquered in 307 BCE.

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View of Countryside
View of Countryside
The Temple at Segesta
The Temple at Segesta
The Temple at Segesta
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The Temple at Segesta
The Temple at Segesta
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BMB at the Ravine