Monday, September 19 - Cefalu and Tuesday, September 20

We had a continental breakfast at a pasticciera in the piazza using vouchers from the B&B. Then we walked down to the waterfront for another look at Mondello Bay and were off to Cefalu. Slow traffic through Palermo on the autostrada and then a fast drive along the beautiful coastal region. Hills and cliffs and the sea always. We got to Cefalu just before noon, drove down to the waterfront and parked the car there in a lot. Then we walked back to the old town and up to the Piazza Duomo to see the Cathedral.

This is another Norman treasure that was built by Roger II in gratitude for being saved in a shipwreck nearby. The building is huge for a small town and, as usual, has marvellous mosaics. While Barbara savored the details I went out to the piazza too have a gelato, get money from the ATM, and seach for souvenirs.

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Last View of Mondello
Cefalu (postcard)
Cefalu - Buying Vegetables
Cathedral at Cefalu
Cathedral at Cefalu
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The Cathedral Doors

Cathedral at Cefalu

Cathedral Mosaics
Cathedral Detail
Piazza Duomo