Moscow Day 4 - October 1 2006

We had an early lecture (9:00) in the hotel by Violetta. It was entitled "The Diversity of Ruricks" and was a short, highly compressed history of Russia up to the founding of the Romanov Dynasty. She was quite good. After that we were off for a field trip to the Kremlin. We saw the sites and the various palaces and churches. We went into the Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel and saw the spectacular decor. A group of three singers appeared and sang several religious songs. Two men and a woman. Again they were quite good.

After that we were taken into the Armoury for a conducted tour. This museum is spectacular with collections of all kinds. The examples shown below were scanned out of a guide book we purchased there.

Entrance to the Kremlin is through a security checkpoint where my jack knife was confiscated. After we left, by a different portal, Violetta went back and retrieved it for me. Typical of her solicitude for us. After leaving I took a picture of the workers raking leaves on Sunday. Moscow is kept very clean. I have no idea when we ate lunch this day. I suspect it was sandwiches taken from the breakfast room again.

After another early dinner at the Dark Blue Bird Restaurant (jazz theme) we were off to the New Moscow Circus. This is not the famous Moscow Circus but is a more recent addition to the scene. Just outside the city it is a one ring circus. The ring is on an elevator and it can have various surfaces, including ice and water. It is a fairly conventional circus and not very sophisticated. I think most of the group enjoyed it but Barbara and I found the music so loud as to be very uncomfortable. (We had the same reaction to Ringling Bros. in New York last year.) A group of teen age Americans sat in front of us. They were from an English language school in Hong Kong.

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