Moscow Day 5 - October 2 2006

A late start this morning, leaving at 11 am for Shukin's Art Theater School where we were to observe a master class in which student's learn to use and control their bodies. Interesting to watch, especially for those of us who are less than limber at this time. I took a couple of close-ups of two girls who looked very "Russian" to me. Probably not. Then we had lunch in the Ivan Kalita Restaurant and form there went to explore the Metro..

The Metro is all that it's supposed to be. Very clean, very luxurious, and fortunately at this time of day, not too crowded. We had a short trip, between two adjacent stations and ended up at the Old Arbat district which is totally devoted to meeting the souvenir needs of tourists. We spent a bit of time there and did buy a few souvenirs and gift items. People very friendly and helpful. Then we returned to the hotel by bus.

No activities were scheduled that night but we had chosen to get optional tickets for a Russian Chorus and so, after an early dinner at the hotel, we went there by our bus. The concert was excellent, with ten singers, all of whom had a chance to solo and all of whom were of professional soloist capability. The program consisted of Russian religious and folk music.

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