Moscow Day 6 - October 3 2006

Left the hotel at 9:30 and returned to the MHAT Theater for another talk by the Director. "Problems of Russian Modern Culture in Post-Soviet Russia." I enjoyed this talk because the director is an interesting, witty man, but I cannot honestly say I can remember what he talked about. Then we had an overly long lunch at the Arts Palace Restaurant before going on to the Pushkin Gallery of Fine Arts. We only had a little less than two hours there, which wasn't really enough.

The Pushkin Gallery has expanded fairly recently into two buildings, with the collection of 19th and 20th C. European paintings in the new building, next to the old. We were taken to the new building first for a spectacular collection of French Impressionists. Barbara remained there for the whole time of our visit, but after an hour or so I went with the guide over to the old building. I took a number of pictures there but was not able to do so at the new building so the pictures from that are off the Internet. Then we returned to the hotel.

Most of the group went off to a 7 PM dinner at a restaurant, but we and a few others had chosen to have optional tickets to the Bolshoi Ballet. As usual Violetta took care of us. She arranged a good diner at the hotel early and a van to take us to and from the theater. The ballet, Don Quixote, was spectacular, very Russian and classical ballet at its best. The dancing was wonderful and sets were spectacular, including DQ entering on a horse and Sancho Panza on a donkey.

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