St. Petersburg Day 5 - October 9, 2006

The lecture this morning was again at the Actors House: Zoya Belyakova on The Romanov Dynasty. This one was OK and we bought a copy of her book for a friend. After that we had a free day and we decided to return to the Cathedral of the Spilled Blood, which turned out to be an extended photo op. To get there we took a bus from the Actors House and then walked to the Cathedral where we met the Redstones, who had the same idea.

It was built to memorialize Alexander II who was assassinated in 1881. Started by his son in 1883, it was completed by Nicholas II in 1907. Another example of More is More. During the communist period it was used as a warehouse despite frequent threat to tear it down. Interestingly enough it was used to store the sets for the Moussorgsky theater which we had attended the previous night. The church is really spectacular and we enjoyed exploring it.

After that we all went to the nearby State Russian Museum to see their collection of Russian art. Once there we had lunch in the cafeteria and then explored the collection. We enjoyed this too and I have added some of the pictures we saw that I have acquired in various places.

After leaving the Russian Museum we went back to the square near Spilled Blood for the souvenir market there and did a little gift shopping. Then back to the hotel by bus. Dinner was at the hotel at 4:30 and then we set out for the Theater Muuseum. We had a tour led by a functionary there who made sure that we missed nothing and then were treated to a chamber concert especially for us. The singer was an impressive contralto who performed Russian music. She was very good and we enjoyed it.

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