Monthly Archives: October 2015

No choice in Afghanistan?

Here’s Andrew Bacevich’s take on Obama’s decision to keep troops in Afghanistan.

Unfortunaely Bacevich ignores the political side. Clearly the Taliban will quickly overwhelm our government of choice there if we leave, and that would be disastrous to Democrats in the lead-up to the 20116 election.The problem goes back to Obama’s decision in 2008 to write off Iraq and put all emphasis on “saving” Afghanistan. Note that our foreign policy is basically driven by Democrats fear of being called weak by the right wing.

So a few more years of meaningless war in Afghanistan.

Businessmen for President?

Now that the GOP politicians are out of favor with the GOP voters because of their failure to accomplish their promises, they are apparently turning to the tested leaders of business, like Trump and Fiorina.

Everyone knows about Carly’s dismal record at Lucent and HP, but a recent article sheds light on her relationship (as a patsy) with Steve Jobs, whom she has cited as supportive after her firing from HP.

As for Trump, Fortune has an article that claims he would have made more money by investing his legacy in an index stock fund and concentrated on playing golf instead.

Too bad the recently retired Chairman of Volkswagen can’t join the campaign.