Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

It seems that Trump has indeed lifted the restraints on the military that Bush 2 and Obama had maintained. In the same week we have witnessed: (1) an attack on a Syrian airfield by 59 (59 Tomahawk missiles, with the result the destruction of 20 Syrian aircraft, and (2) The dropping of the 11 ton MOAB on a cave and tunnel complex in Afghanistan which resulted, we are told, in the death of 36 ISIS fighters.

The week’s activities could not do better to illustrate the futility of  our high tech military in the kind of asymmetric warfare that faces the US today. It was like a real-life SNL sketch.

It’s pretty obvious that the generals, restraints removed, took the opportunity to demonstrate their new toy, the MOAB. I don’t think that’s the wrong word to use in describing it. Remember the look of the conventional “iron” bombs of earlier wars and then compare to the polished, gleaming orange surface of the MOAB.  The thing had been prettied up! I’m surprised it wasn’t decorated with tinsel.

PS: 4/20 Today’s NY Times has an article by someone who tried to go to the site.

2 thoughts on “Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

    1. admin Post author

      I don’t, of course. If the’re lying the military would have claimed more. It seemed a puny pay-off to me.


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